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About Our Photos

Actual Item Photos

Some product photos are of the specific piece which will be shipped; or of a virtually identical piece indistinguishable from the piece shipped. Such photos have an Actual Item link to this page below them.

Typical Photos

Some product photos are of a typical piece representative of all the pieces with that item number. The actual piece shipped may vary from the "Typical" photo, depending on the type of product. See the Product Variations link, if any, on the product Details page. Such photos have a Typical link to this page below them.

eBay Second-Chance-Offer Photos

A Second-Chance-Offer item is very similar but NOT identical to the Actual Item photo in a Second Chance Offer. The original item shown was sold, but eBay does not permit the Second Chance Offer description to be modified.

Recommended Use

Photos demonstrate the product under recommend use conditions. See the Product Use link, if any, on the product Details page.

Photo Scale

The displayed size of an image depends on your display and its settings. Objects may appear larger or smaller than reality. 

You can view any product image on our site which has a "View Size" link at close to its actual size. Click the link and follow the instructions on the scaling page. 

For three dimensional objects, only the feature closest to you is to scale. The rest of the object is in perspective and appears smaller. This feature is not available for images on other sites, like eBay.

Photo Color

Every computer monitor displays colors differently. Depending on your particular monitor and settings, the colors of our product photos could be different than actual.

Some of our products, such as our porcelain jewerly, have thousands of different colors. If your monitor is set for only 256 colors, you will not see a lot of the detail in the designs. For best viewing, your  Display Properties should be set for the highest Colors setting of which your monitor is capable. This will improve viewing of most other Web sites as well.

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