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Detailed Description

If you could freeze lightning, what would it look like? This Lichtenberg figure* could be your own personal lightning bolt.

A 6 million electron-Volt particle accelerator charged this optically-clear acrylic shape to its breakdown capacity of 430,000 Volts per inch. In a flash and bang, a miniature electrical storm etched a ghostly image of lightning inside --  Frozen Lightning™

The hot plasma of the miniature lightning created billions of tiny fractures in the solid crystal-clear acrylic. These crystallized channels capture and redirect light that strikes them and makes the image appear to shine, especially when illuminated with a dark background.

By using a white background, you can see the carbonization also created by the miniature lighting. Carbonization varies with the size and type of discharge shape.

The near light-speed electrons used to create the figure also change the electronic molecular structure of the acrylic creating a thin band of beautiful golden tint called solarization on the beam side of the figure. Since it fades with time, the tint band varies from piece to piece. 

The high-energy electrons also have an accelerated aging affect on the material, like years of ultraviolet light exposure. This occasionally creates microscopic stress fractures on the surface called "crazing." Under certain lighting conditions, crazying appears as beautiful but faint dichroic areas, similar to rainbow colors on a soap bubble. 

Like snowflakes, trees, and feathers, this beautiful lightning trace is a fractal pattern, and is one of a kind. There isn't another one exactly like it in existence, and there never will be.

Proudly exhibit this mysterious conversation piece in your home or workplace, or give it as an unusual and impressive gift. See the awe when you show this to your friends and describe the wild and powerful force of physics that created this rare artifact: a beautiful and mysterious fusion of art and science.

Don't miss this opportunity to be the privileged owner of this rare tribute to the power of science and nature.

 * Also known as: Lichtenberg pattern, Lichtenberg tree, electron tree, artificial acrylic fulgurite, Frozen Lightning™

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