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Care Instructions

Protective Finish

We protected your sculpture with Novus® 1 Plastic Clean & Shine to enhance its luster, reduce static charge, and repel dust. Follow these simple care instructions and it will look like new for many years.

Avoid Scratches

Acrylic has many times the breaking resistance of glass. Yet, its surface is not as hard as glass and it scratches easily. Therefore, be careful not to scratch it while handling and cleaning.

We recommend using one of our special gift box to protect your sculpture from dust and scratches during transportation or storage . Our gift box is specially designed to hold the sculpture firmly in place, preventing it from sliding in the box which can severly scratch you sculpture. The gift box can also be used as a display stand.

Avoid Heat

  • Acrylic is a combustible thermoplastic - it burns! 
  • Keep the sculpture and stand away from open flames and hot or burning objects.
  • The acrylic manufacturer recommends temperatures not exceed:
    • 160°F (71°C) for prolonged periods, 
    • 190°F (88°C) for short periods, or 
    • 200°F  (93°C) for any period. 
  • Many lamps get very hot, so be sure to provide adequate ventilation and separation from the lamp. 
  • Do not place the sculpture directly over a hot lamp. Excessive heat from a lamp can build up and damage the sculpture or CAUSE A FIRE. 

General Cleaning and Protection

NEVER dry-wipe to remove dust as this may scratch the surface. Use the following simple procedure:
  1. Rinse under warm tap water to float off dust or grit which could scratch the product.
  2. Hand Wash gently with warm water and mild dishwashing liquid.
  3. Dry by patting with a clean cloth*.
  4. Apply Novus® 1 Plastic Clean & Shine liberally over one entire surface at a time using short circular strokes with a clean cloth. NOTE: DO NOT use Novus 2 or 3 for this purpose.
  5. Buff to a slippery glaze with a clean cloth*. It will begin to squeak. Surfaces buffed to a high glaze are more resistant to dust and future scratching.
  6. Rapply regularly to maintain the anti-static, smudge-resistant, and scratch-resistant properties.
* Cloth should be clean, lint-free, soft, absorbant, and 100%-cotton. DO NOT use paper towels. Microscopic wood particles can scratch the surface.

Other Cleaners

The following solvents are safe for acrylic if cleaned as described above immediately after use.  HOWEVER, do not allow the solvent  in the hole were the "lightning" discharged. It might fill the channels and make them invisible.

CAUTION: These agents are highly flammable. Do not use near open flame or high heat. Read and follow all manufacturers' instructions.

  • Aliphatic naphtha such as Ronson Corp. Ronsonol® brand lighter fuel will remove most labels.
  • 70% isopropyl alcohol will remove most ink spots.
The following should NEVER be used on acrylic:
  • Any other polish or cleaner. Most acrylic polishes leave fine scratches visible under some light sources.
  • Window or glass cleaners. Most glass cleaners and many solvents will damage acrylic.

Remove Scratches

Try the General Cleaning procedure first. If the scratch is still visible, you should NOT try to remove it yourself. Virtually all scratches can be removed, but the specific procedure depends on the depth and amount of scratching and requires special tools and expertise. Most plastics suppliers or fabricators can remove it for a small charge.

Novus 1 is a trademark of Novus Inc. Ronsonol is a trademark of Ronson Corporation. 

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